Natural Gas Engineering Design


Complete engineering design from tap station to customer meter. CEUS has over 23 years of specialized engineering design in the natural gas distribution and transmission industry.

Construction Management and Observation


Observation and management of the construction process to ensure compliance with Owners and Engineers specifications.

Master Planning & Modeling


Today's problems are more manageable with the correct long range plan thus providing for tomorrows' opportunities.  CEUS can provide solutions for long range plans along with system modeling to ensure your system is growth-proof.

Regulatory Compliance


With 5 years of experience working for a regulatory agency, Mr. Clark has gained invaluable knowledge of PHMSA and the CFR.  CEUS can provide Plans and Manuals necessary for code compliance.

Cathodic Protection Services


We are proud to welcome Mr. Pat Hickey to our family.  Pat has over 15 years of hands-on experience in the cathodic protection and corrosion industry.